Melting Potatoes

Decadent Melt in your Mouth Goodness ⁣

Serves: 4⁣
Time: 35 min

6-7 large Yukon Gold Potatoes ⁣
2 Tbs vegetable oil ⁣
3 Tbs butter⁣
1 cup vegetable broth ⁣
4 cloves garlic, smashed ⁣
1 sprig rosemary ⁣

1. Pre heat oven to 400 degrees, while the oven is preheating melt together oil and 2 Tbs of butter over medium high heat in a large cast iron skillet⁣
2. While the oil and butter are melting cut 1inch thick discs from the potatoes, season both sides with salt and pepper ⁣
3. Place potatoes in skillet and sear for about 4-5 minutes, they should be golden-dark brown, once they are, turn off heat and flip over each disc⁣
4. Add smashed garlic, rosemary, veggie broth, and butter, place skillet in oven to finish and bake for about 30 minutes ⁣

Once I get these in the oven I usually pick a 30 min meal to go with them. My current go to is mushroom Marsala

  1. I was first introduced to these as a child, by our Lithuanian Grandma & mother. We would spread them with…

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